Celine Bolomey

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Born in 1975, Swiss actress Celine Bolomey
 studied drama at INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle) in Brussels and has 
appeared in about 40 theatre productions in Europe and Canada : OYXGENE and GENESE N°2 (Ivan Viripaev) directed by Galin Stoev (Avignon 07, Montréal, Paris, Bruxelles, Marseilles, Moscou…), BAKKHANTES (Euripide) Omar Porras (Genève, Paris), L’ILLUSION COMIQUE (Corneille) Brigitte Jaques (Paris, Genève), (Clarice Lispector) Enrique Diaz (Rome, Bruxelles, Lisbon, Reims), Denis Maillefer, Michel Kacelenbogen, (Armand Gatti) Eric Salama (Genève), BARBELO (B.Srbjanovic) Anne Bisang (Comédie de Genève, Valence, Bruxelles)
She received a Quartz for best actress for the film DU BRUIT DANS LA TÊTE , Vincent Pluss, Intermezzo Films & komplitzenfilms and also the Shooting Star prize in 2009.