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year original title English title credits
Zavtra Sviato
“Tomorrow Is a Holiday” 35 mm, b/w • Grand Prize, Molodist Film Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1987) • Showcase of the festival Glasnost in the USSR (USA, 1989) • Independent Film Days (Augsburg, Germany, 1990) • International competition of International Film Festival Diploma (Krakow, Poland, 1997) • Available at the U.S. Library of Congress
“Roof” 35 mm, color, 20 min. • “Golden Dove”.for Best Short documentary of International Film Festival (Leipzig, Germany, 1990) • Days of Independent Cinema (Augsburg, Germany, 1991)
film director
Znak Tyre
“The Hyphen” 35 mm, color, 60 min • IFF“Artsalon” Grand Prize (Potsdam, Germany, 1992) • Grand Prize of the Mediawave International Film Festival (Győr, Hungary, 1993) • International competition of International Film Festival (Nyon, Switzerland, 1992) • International competition of International Film Festival (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1992) • INPUT: International Symposium on Public Television (Nantes, France, 1998)
film director, script writer
Na Berlin!
“To Berlin!” 35 mm, b/w, 30 min • Special Jury Prize of International Film Festival (Leipzig, Germany, 1995) • INPUT: International Symposium of Public Television (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1997)
film director, script writer
“Bridge”, BETACAM SP, color, 60 min • Grand Prize, Ecofilm International Film Festival (Szczecin, Poland, 2000)
film director, script writer
Nazvy Svoie Imia
“Spell Your Name", DigiBeta + 35 mm, color, 90 min  Special Jury Diploma, Jerusalem IFF (Israel). 2007  Official competition of IFF “Golden Apricot” (Yerevan, Armenia) 2007  Official competition of IFF GoEast, (Wiesbaden, Germany), 2008  Official Program of the Margaret Maid Festival (New York, USA) 2008
film director, script writer
“The Living,” 2008, 75 min, HD, color • Special Prize “Silver Apricot” at the International Film Festival (Yerevan, Armenia, 2009) • Grand Prize of the International Media Forum (Geneva, Switzerland, 2009) • Special Program “Perspectives”, Vision Du Reel International Film Festival (Nyon, Switzerland, 2009) • In total, the film was presented in official programs at 10 international film festivals and shown in 15 countries
film director, script writer
Viyna. Ukrainskyi rakhunok
“War. Ukrainian Account”, 2002-2003, 9-TV serial • Taras Shevchenko National Award of Ukraine for Achievement in the Field of Literature and the Arts (2204) • National TV Awards “Tele triumph” for best documentary, 2003
film director, script writer
Ukraina. Tochka vidliku
“Ukraine. Reference Point” 2011, 90 min, HD, color • Intermedia-globe GOLD Prize, InterMedia Festival (Hamburg, 2012) • Nominated for TRT Award (Istanbul, Turkey, 2102) • Special screenings in Berlin, Toronto, New York
film director, script writer
Golovna Rol'
“The Leading Role” 2016, 65 min, HD, color • Zolota Dzyga (Golden Whirlwind) of Ukrainian Film Academy Award for Best Documentary (2016) • Golden Duke Award for Best European Documentary, Odessa International Film Festival (Odessa, Ukraine, 2016) • Golden Duke Award for Best Actress Nina Antonova, Odessa International Film Festival (Odessa, Ukraine, 2016) • Nomination for MDR prize of the international competition LeipzigDOK (Leipzig, Germany, 2016) • International competition of ArtDocFest in Riga (Latvia) 2016
film director, script writer
V. Silvestrov
“V. Silvestrov” (3-part film) 2020, 220 min, color • Special event of the Molodist International Film Festival, (Kyiv, Ukraine) 2020 • Estonian premiere at the Arvo Pärt Centre (Tallinn, Estonia) 2021
film director, script writer


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