Sibylle Kurz

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Sibylle Kurz specializes in intensive pitching training, project presentation, proposal development, dramaturgical doctoring and consultancy work for professional and personal issues. Furthermore she offers communication skills and negotiation training and personal coaching in the media,- arts & culture industry, both for companies and individuals. Sibylle teaches „The Art of Pitching“ at acclaimed national and international film schools and gives in-house seminars. Her intensive workshop sessions enable producers, directors and writers to hone and time-tune their projects prior to pitching as well as gain insight into their own professional practice.
With an academic background in media- and communication science, sociology and psychology, a postgraduate education as communication skills trainer and Certified NLP-Trainer (INLPTAssociational standards), furthermore she is a merchant by training. She has working experience in the music and event business as well as in film licensing and sales.
Her experience in „The Art of Pitching“ results from more than 15 years experience in acquisition, distribution and co-production of theatrical-, video- and TV films in the German-speaking market for an independent distribution company, which she founded together with her partner in 1981. She left the company in 1995 to found her own company to offer training services in “The Art Of Pitching.
Since 1995 she freelances as a coach and communication trainer for the media industries, publishing industry and “Arts & Culture”. This includes artists, painters, musicians and composers, anyone who is trying to position his idea/concept in the “cultural market” making it accessible to audiences. Her industry clients are corporations, production studios, publishing houses and individuals, who will also call her in as coach and script doctor for fictional and non-fictional projects or to help them prepare the presentations for sales-meetings and markets.
She is a member with the association EDN-European Documentary Network, Denmark, a member of EFA, the European Film Academy; she is part of the EAVE-pedagogical team since 1996 and pitching-expert for a range of decisive influential CREATIVE EUROPE-training programs.
Kurz’ intensive workshop sessions enable creatively working people to hone and time-tune their projects prior to pitching as well as gain insight into their own professional practice.
She is a member of the EDN-European Documentary Network and the European Film Academy. She has published numerous articles and books: e.g. \“Pitch It! Die Kunst Filmprojekte erfolgreich zu verkaufen\” (2000, 2008, 2015 third edition), \“Pitch It!\” Czech translation (2013),\“Low-Budget-Filme. Marketing und Vertrieb optimieren\” (2006), articles in \“Filmlehren. Ein undogmatischer Leitfaden für Studierende\” (2013).
She has been Member of the Advisory Board and Script Consultant for the opening film of the Forum Section at the 2005 Berlin Film Festival:LOST AND FOUND—- a compilation of short films from six Central and Eastern European Countries produced by COIN Film, Cologne.
Her training motto: Say what you think, do what you say, be what you do!